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Trailer Tires

Are you looking for a new set of trailer tires? Our tire showroom has you covered. We have a variety of tires and parts available to fit all of your trailer tire needs in Louisburg, KS, Overland Park, KS, Paola, KS, and the surrounding KC metro area. When our customers visit our showroom looking for a brand new set of trailer tires, they are looking for a reliable tire with strong sidewalls and constant rubber-to-road contact. All of the tires available in our showroom are tougher than your average tire.

Types of Trailer Tires in Our Showroom

Trailer Tires Louisburg, KS

In our showroom, you can browse our selection of tires for all your trailer needs. Our inventory includes tires for any number of trailer uses. Our selection of trailer tires includes tires for:

  • Boat Trailers
  • Utility Trailers
  • Camper Trailers
  • Horse Trailers
  • RV Trailers

If our selection of many popular brand name trailer tires does not include the exact tire match for you, we will do everything we can to locate the right tires for your specific trailer application.

Trailer Parts, Accessories, & Wiring

Our trailer preparedness doesn't stop with tires. We can outfit you with a selection of trailer parts and accessories, including trailer wiring.

Trailer Wiring Importance: In all states, it is required by law that a trailer be wired to your vehicle for road use. Trailer wiring is essential because it allows the lights on your trailer to work in sync with your vehicle. If you need help finding trailer wiring or trailer wiring adapters, we'll be happy to help you out.

Look no further than Louisburg Tire & Automotive for all your trailer needs. We carry some of the best and highest quality trailer tire and part brands from some of the most trusted manufacturers in the industry. So when your trailer tires reach the end of their road life or you need wiring to begin your journey, let our sales team to show you our expansive selection of trailer tires, trailer parts, and trailer wiring.

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